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When human beings consider a fish tank, they often suppose first of the fish, however the habitat in which the fish are paced is just as crucial. Designing a habitat to your fish and different aquarium animals is known as aquascaping, and, because the call indicates, it is a lot like landscaping — just underwater.A Natural Aquascape

While it once became common to enhance an aquarium with plastic shipwrecks, bubbling divers, and ceramic or resin fashions of the whole lot from castles to mountains, many modern aquarists choose to create a herbal aquascape. A herbal aquascape mimics the environment wherein the animals stay within the wild, and live rock is the maximum commonplace aquascaping fabric. One gain to live rock is that it serves now not only as ornament, however it additionally acts as a biologicsl filter for the aquarium.Fish-Only Aquascaping

Most saltwater fish tanks housing handiest fish are referred to as FOWLER tanks (fish-simplest-with-live-rock). The stay rock in a FOWLER tank serves as filtration, as it’s miles colonized by means of denitrifying bacteria, in addition to decoration. Rather than creating a wall of rock alongside the again of the aquarium, attempt developing wonderful environments or micro-habitats. For instance, you could create a pillar on one side of the tank surrounded by way of open sand. On the other facet of the tank, you could create a big rock structure with a cave and overhang. Creating micro-habitats to your aquarium presents aesthetic appeal for you and a more natural surroundings in your fishes.Reef Tank Aquascaping

In a reef tank, where you will also keep corals and other invertebrates, aquascaping way providing a shape on which to develop coral intentionally. As such, it is crucial to devise for the dimensions and growth charge of the corals you must preserve. It also is essential to provide surfaces at various depths, as different corals have extraordinary requirements in phrases of mild intensity. Finally, it may be beneficial to have some isolated systems inside the aquarium wherein corals that unfold rapidly can be contained. Keep in mind, a reef aquarium’s aquascape will evolve because the corals grow.Building an Easy-to-Maintain Aquascape

One problem aquarists have when aquascaping is they create an aquascape that is difficult to maintain, mainly in a reef aquarium. When designing an aquascape, think about how you will create water waft during the whole aquarium in order no longer to permit detritus to build up in difficult-to-attain locations. Also, consider how difficult it will be to retrieve a tool or coral fragment dropped onto the tank’s substrate. Allowing sufficient room to reach into the tank and access as a great deal of the aquascape as possible will assist immensely in phrases of upkeep.

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